Alerts / Voice Network Security - Available to watch now!!

Working with Alerts in Tiger Prism and Voice Network Security in Tiger 2020 Pro

We are excited to announce that the first webinar sessions of 2019 for Prism Alerts and 2020 Tiger 2020 Pro Voice Network Security are available to view now.

This webinar tutorial will guide you through Alerts and Voice Network Security, you will learn how to quickly get up to speed using the applications and features. The Prism webinar will guide you through how to create and edit alert Jobs, using existing widgets to create alerts, understanding your target data, delivery options and sample use cases. The Tiger 2020 Voice Network Security webinar will include how to create and edit alerts, company calendars, alarm notification groups, live call scanning and profiles.

* Please note that both Alerts and Voice Network Security modules are not included in the standard system but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn about how they can help you. Please speak to your account manager to discuss upgrading.

Click on the video thumbnails below to view, alternatively they are available on our training videos section. We would like to thank everyone who attended and for sharing their feedback on this session.

Features covered during this session* -  

Tiger Prism, Alerts: 


Creating Alert jobs

How to generate alerts and how to schedule them to run.

Use existing Widgets to
create a Alert Job

Using widgets to build an alert

Job priority

Why we have a Job priority and what level your alerts should be running at

Understanding target data

What options you should use to make sure you will only be alerted when you need to be

Deliveries including delivery options

What options are available and in what format they will be delivered


Example Alerts

Alerts examples to 999 or calls over £5, and capacity alerts on Channel groups


Tiger 2020 Pro, Voice Network Security:

Voice Network Security overview

We explain the topology and how VNS operates.

Company calendar

Why we use calendars, and how to select specific dates not to be alerted

Alarm Notification Groups

Delivery options and email layouts and how to use these in alerts

Specific call alerts

How to get alerted when the specific criteria is met

Profiles and limits

Alert Profiles and the wizard setup for call profile alerting

Scanning / VNS Server

Live call scanning and how to see what alerts have been triggered


Watch it here

Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to watch the webinars, we have the recordings ready for you below.
Tiger Prism Webinar - Alerts (25:29)

This webinar tutorial will introduce you to the Alerts module within Tiger Prism. In this video, you will learn how to create and set up alerts, as well as understand the different types available to you and how to use them.

Download MP4 (353MB)
Tiger 2020 Pro Webinar - Voice Network Security (25:26)

This webinar tutorial will guide you through the functions of the Tiger 2020's Voice Network Security. Additionally, this video will guide you through the basics, including how to create and edit alerts, company calendars, alarm notification groups, live call scanning, and profiles.

Download MP4 (404MB)
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