Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful information from acquired data

Let Prism's intelligent toolset drive your business decisions to make optimum use of your UC infrastructure.
Fast Analytics  
Visualise data in seconds. Search, slice, aggregate and chart metrics for detailed insight into costs, quality, bandwidth, performance, usage & adoption
Ease of Use  
Analyse data with intuitive drag & drop
Share in Seconds 
Publish content with just a few clicks to share it securely
Zoom in to Big Data 
Quickly drill down to the lowest level of detail from datasets containing billions of records
Smart Dashboards  
Instantly combine data in easy to understand graphical views tailored for technical teams, users and high-level management
Modelling & Forecasting  
Near instant access to data allows for quick and easy scenario modelling. You can easily drill down into data, simulate savings generated by new costs or migration to a new infrastructure or routing configuration
Immediately access and analyse current data output from your UC network
Perfect for quick reporting, problem solving, forensics, financial analysis and forecasting