Aspiring young developer spends a week with Tiger

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Aspiring young developer Toby King spent a week with Tiger on a work experience placement. Here's how he got on...

After being on a Work Placement for the past few days at Tiger Communications, I have learnt more about how a company in the IT and Telephony industry works. Before coming to Tiger, I was not aware of the amount of organisation and stages of development that were needed to create a successful company and product. I have worked in 3 main departments, Development, Support and Sales/Marketing and have learnt about the different views that each department takes – from the creation and dealing with problems in development to how the product is marketed to new or existing customers.

On my first day, I was shown around the building and given an introduction to the Prism system, both by the Development and Support departments, and learnt (in a less technical way) what Tiger does and how the data is organised and stored in databases.

On the second day, I spent the day with the development department and was shown how the team organise the work they are doing individually and when they need it to be done by to the update or initial release goes out on time. I was also taught the stages of the database and how the program collects the data from the database to be shown and given exercises to do relating to creating types of databases.

Finally, on my third day, I spent the day with Sales and Marketing, learning how they market the product and keep customers interested with social media updates and advertisements. I also was shown how they deal with new customers interested in the products Tiger produce.

Overall, I have learned a lot from Tiger about how a company in this industry works and techniques to use when developing something myself in the future.

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