Collaboration can be the key to opening doors

Collaboration Key UC

But do you know which ones you’re trying to unlock?

Platforms which measure and analyse the usage and success of a Unified Communications (UC) Collaboration initiative are an invaluable mission critical resource.

However, the realisation of a collaboration project does not hinge solely on the presentation and availability of the data and cold hard facts, but also understanding your workforce and how or why they use these tools – and more to the point, how and why you want them to. Furthermore, it’s then down to interpreting, understanding and acting on the results, and what the outcomes of analysing the data really means to your business and staff.

Whether this be a task taken on internally, or through employing the expertise of third party consultants, it is a case of understanding the individuals in your workforce who use the tools, measuring their response, and in turn realising it is not a case of one size fits all.

Putting it simply, it may not be as cut and dry as instances of success and failure within an organisation. There should be an appreciation and understanding of the needs of the managers and users outside of an IT department – and with their buy-in and enthusiasm, a better experience can be gained by all.

If you can demonstrate to everyone within your organisation that successfully driven UC Collaboration can have clear benefits for team productivity and general business outcomes, continued traction is inevitable.

So why collaboration in the first place?

What is it you are trying to achieve? You can only demonstrate success if the desired outcomes are clearly defined. Is the driver a financial one? And if so, has there been a correlation between an increase in collaboration services and a decrease in travel and expenses? Is the Return on Investment (ROI) there? Perhaps the focus is developing a more cohesive and productive workforce, enabling more freedom for staff to work without the constraints of an office desk – yet removing the feeling of isolation home and remote workers can sometimes face.

Reasons for embarking on a collaboration journey can vary in a business world that’s full of fluid technological innovations. Using the tools available to you to better understand how a workforce is reacting to their UC tools involves both crunching the numbers and talking with the users. After all, communication is the purpose of collaboration, and better collaboration is the key to success.

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