A longstanding customer explains why we've been their go-to on Business Intelligence for 20 years

One of our longstanding customers explains why Tiger Communications has been their go-to on Business Intelligence for 20 years

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity, and has been a long-standing customer of Tiger Communications for 20 years.

We had the opportunity to speak with Head of Voice services, John Paulowski, about how and why the Salvation Army have been using Tiger Communications Business Intelligence solutions for so many years – and why they remain a customer to this day.

Mr Paulowski has both seen and used many incarnations of our products, and here’s what he had to say about them, our company and the overall offering of Tiger Communications plc.

“The Tiger Communications software had originally been suggested to The Salvation Army by Siemens. The decision to remain a customer of Tiger’s was based on the software and programs being easy to use, intuitive and designed with the end users in mind. Having an annual Tiger User Group is also a brilliant resource, as it gives customers so much opportunity to have their input on what they need and how they personally use the end products. Tiger have always been pretty good at reacting to external technological forces too – and listening to the market.

It’s good that customers have the ability to suggest amendments to the system to suit their function. Tiger has always taken on the feedback of their customers, and taken action to incorporate those ideas and suggestions where possible – whether that is in relation to the software or the Tiger User Group event. One year, customers suggested wanting more visuals to be used during the Tiger User Group presentations, making it more user friendly, that was then addressed from the following year – and continues beyond.

Our needs from the Tiger platform have changed over the years. Originally, we required a Tiger solution to help us with Personal Billing, as charging people for their personal calls was a huge undertaking. Now we use it more as a tool for fraud detection and nuisance calls. The system allows us to trace calls, which is useful as rogue calls come in often. Using the Tiger software, we have been able to pick up on nuisance calls very quickly, the callers have been traced promptly – which wouldn’t have been the case without the system.

The system has become far more user friendly over time, particularly with speed – it is a fast, responsive system.

We have now switched to using a Tiger Managed Service and it will continue to be used for security and fraud detection. All the staff at Tiger are happy and helpful – it is more like dealing with one big family, and I always feel part of the team. After working with them and their products for 20 years I would still recommend them.”

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