Cisco Live! Barcelona 2018

Rowan Trollope is about to take to the stage Cisco Live Barcelona 2018

Matt Bellamy and the boys launch into Plug in Baby

Cisco Live! Barcelona, Tuesday 30th Jan 2018 - Random musings by Phillip Smith, Software Director Tiger Communications

A glance around the main auditorium. Had I stepped through a portal and been transported to the centre of a Muse gig? I check myself for fly body parts. No, I’m at Cisco Live! 2018 in Barcelona and Rowan Trollope is about to take to the stage for the opening keynote speech.

Rowan is Senior Vice President for Cisco and leads the collaboration and Internet of Things (IoT) strategies. So, I guess this is going to be Spark-centric, right? Well, no. The speech focuses on company strategy, mapped out against their vision of where the world’s going: mobile phones gone by 2025, text-by-thinking, AI reaches singularity by 2049 (the point at which it overtakes the human brain).

As he explains that text-by-thinking is happening now, thoughts overtake my (almost) human brain: a new text-based Tourette Syndrome; thought stealing; omnipresent government surveillance; Orwell's thought police; that film by Spielberg about pre-crime. Back in the room.

The keynote continues and is really engaging, the surprising thing for me – Cisco’s focus seems to be reverting to their core competence – networks. There are some impressive guest speakers. In particular the head of the LA Children’s Hospital. He had been faced with a problem: how to connect tens of thousands of medical, business and personal devices, whilst maintaining security and performance. The Cisco solution was mightily impressive.

More speakers demonstrate the breath-taking scale of their network technologies. David Goeckeler is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco's networking and security business. His vision and strategy are remarkable. This company owns the internet. All this sexy tech talk is making me want to put on a couple of pounds and grow a ponytail.

As the keynote draws to an end a final thought flitters through my mind. All this self-healing, self-learning, pre-emptive, highly scalable, highly secure PaaS infrastructure. Had their team been thought stealing our Tiger Prism designs?

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