A Financial Solution

Tiger Provides Financial Service Organisation with Money-Saving Data across 12 European Countries

Tiger Communications’ expertise is helping a well-known and respected financial solutions company to control a pan-European telephone system consisting of several thousand extensions on numerous different phone systems in 12 countries.

Executive Summary Customer: A large, well-known financial solutions consultancy

Location: 12 European countries

  • Obtain basic phone metrics for customer-facing teams in 12 countries
  • Reduce expenses of phone use across entire company
  • Ensure security was not compromised

“We have a number of client teams in each of our 20 European offices, in 12 different countries. That is the first part of the problem,” explains the Contact Centre Application Manager for this well-known and respected financial solutions company.

Before he approached Tiger Communications, he had no way of obtaining even basic metrics for those teams or, in fact, any other information at all about the use ofthe division’s several thousand telephone handsets.

Getting hold of that information was vital if the company was to rationalise its phone system and use, monitor sales call activity and identify any potential abuse.

A further complication was that the users in 20 offices relied on many different networks for their phone service delivery. Even worse, these are provided by a variety of different vendors, including Avaya, Mitel, Siemens, Ericsson and Nortel.

Because of the varied nature of the networks and the distributed approach to client service, any changes in the corporate phone directory had to be made manually. The Contact Centre Application Manager candidly described these challenges as “a logistical nightmare” to solve.


The Contact Centre Application Manager set about researching call logging solutions that could meet the company’s requirements and ended up with a shortlist of four. He picked Tiger Communications because:

  • It was the most cost-effective in terms of purchase price
  • He and his manager had had a positive experience working with Tiger in previous positions
  • The Tiger solution could be integrated into the corporate directory, allowing automatic updating. “That was the clincher,” the Contact Centre Application Manager explains.
The Tiger solution included the following:
  • A Corporate Web Reporting Module, enabling secure network-wide access by company personnel for reporting A
  • Directory Integration Module to allow the automatic nightly integration with the company’s worldwide address listing to update Tiger Directory Database.

The first phase of implementation took just 16 days to complete, which the Contact Centre Application Manager says “was a huge achievement” and “required a vast amount of effort.”


The Contact Centre Application Manager’s business case was that “within a year a one percent saving would pay for the whole system.” He adds: “the board agreed that one percent will turn out to be a very conservative figure.”

Now calls are being logged, allowing management to access the performance of sales staff and the costeffectiveness of the phone services they are currently using, providing the opportunity to rationalise the system.

The Contact Centre Application Manager believes Tiger data analysis will save money by:
  • Identifying the cost-saving potential of installing a dedicated line instead of using an existing system between the two UK offices
  • Helping to determine whether a currently outsourced teleconferencing facility should be taken in-house
  • Assisting with the introduction of a more rigorous and enforceable phoning policy to reduce possible abuse.

Additionally, the automatic updating of the company’s online directory is already saving substantial time and, therefore, money for the client.

Another bonus is that data can be easily segmented by country, business function and company hierarchy, so that personnel only access information that pertains to their role or level of seniority

Of Tiger Communications, he says: “Everyone has a can-do attitude. If there’s a problem, they will just roll up their sleeves and go that extra mile to fix it.”


Next Steps

Tiger Communications is in the process of implementing the next two phases of the project, with the full approval of the client’s management. In addition, the client has asked Tiger to quote for two more major projects.

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