Lloyds of London get a new technologically advanced solution

Informed Call Logging and Management of the Cisco CallManager IP Telephony Network

As a leading supplier of call management solutions to major corporate organisations, Tiger Communications plc was well placed to provide a technologically advanced, cost effective solution to Lloyds of London to monitor their newly installed CallManager IP Telephony Network, providing services to their flagship London & Chatham offices.


Lloyds of London required a solution that would allow telephone call accounting information on their CallManager IP Telephony Network to be automatically generated to personnel across the organisation, whilst simultaneously giving controlled access to multiple network users where required.

The solution had to be future-proofed, ensuring that growth within the network could be accommodated in a technological and cost-effective manner.

Integration with internal financial and directory systems was of key importance, enabling the automatic synchronisation of updated cost and extension information from the Lloyds Active Directory Database.


The Tiger solution, fulfilled all Lloyds’ requirements: providing multiple simultaneous network clients with full system access; reporting access through Web browser technologies; and comprehensive Active Directory integration using LDAP.

Tiger’s awareness of the pre & post-sales consultancy, project management and support requirements identified within the solution were critical factors to Lloyds in the decision process.


Pre-sale, Tiger accurately demonstrated processing Lloyds’ existing CallManager call data, resulting in high confidence for a successful solution delivery to a tight timescale. Tiger fully configured all aspects of the solution, including import of Lloyds’ tariffs and extension databases.

Lloyds are now able to automatically generate and allocate departmental costs from their CallManager IP Telephony Network, as well as generate information on switch utilisation & performance.


Tiger provided a technologically advanced solution and expertise, ensuring the process from pre-sales to system handover was handled professionally, with a customer focussed approach. Lloyds’ requirements were met within defined timescales and Tiger fully demonstrated the capability to monitor one of the largest CallManager IP Telephone Networks in the UK.

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