Tiger Prism Microsoft Office 365 Analytics

Prism is a reporting and analytics tool used to measure and monitor activities, utilisation and adoption of your UC platforms. Using the Microsoft Graph API, Prism gives clear insight into collaboration tools


Product Overview

Tiger Communications is an international market leader specialising in UC and collaboration analytics. We have nearly 40 years’ experience in delivering business intelligence and management information to global corporates, public sector organisations and SMEs.

Features Include

No data limits so you can get a clear picture and model what has occurred
Understand metrics of emails sent, received and read per user
Identify and measure the devices used to connect to O365
Holistic and hierarchical view of your collaboration and communication tools
Review mailbox storage
usage and limits
Group data by your organisational hierarchy i.e. geographic vs dept

Why Analyse Office 365

Using Tiger Prism to monitor Office 365 will give you clear insight into how your UC platforms impact employee utilisation of the email system. This will give you a broader view and allow you a much more holistic approach to understanding how your staff use their collaboration tools over time.

Realistically, when implementing UC and collaboration tools you want to measure their uptake rates, and how your staff are using them – are they worth the investment? Do they make for more fluid communication? Being able to monitor which tools are used on which devices can help you build a bigger picture of what is going on, and where additional support may be needed.

The time saved by employees not needing to send, or trawl through, unnecessary emails combined with the ability to communicate more freely and instantaneously, delivers more positive business outcomes for the organisation as a whole. This should be an observed outcome when querying your Office 365 data.



Receive notifications of events
  • Receive notification of events, based on user configurable data queries
  • Schedule alerts based on specific criteria, such as active users or total email usage
  • Notification of changes in usage profile


Monitor activity and present data
  • Intuitive analytics and dashboards allow access to data the way you need it
  • Gain statistical information into devices used and amount of emails sent, read and received per user
  • User friendly data presentation with hierachy from O365

Measuring Adoption

Measure how the service is utilised
  • Observe registered and active users across multiple devices
  • Measure reduction of email usage, calculating the ROI of the other UC tools deployment
  • Monitor users behaviour over time to highlight change or areas for improvement
  • Fully understand employee communication methods