Use Prism Reporting to help communicate information, make decisions and identify cost saving opportunities

Prism offers a full range of ready-to-use reporting tools and services, thereby enabling your staff to create, deploy and use reports quickly and easily.

Fulfilling the requirements of multiple users across the world is a challenge for many applications but, by utilising the fully customisable reporting features of Prism, data can be compiled, presented and represented using combinations of tables, graphs and charts.

Clients can apply numerous calculations to the available data sets to summarise totals, averages and breakpoints, e.g. response levels or times of day. All forms of reporting can be scheduled (according to required frequency) and emailed.

The ready reports can be viewed in various formats (including PDF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents).
These reports can highlight key areas such as: 

  • Cost allocation across the business (Departmental cost summary)
  • Network occupancy to identify maximum and peak usage (Channel group summary)
  • Areas of high / low usage (by phone, dialled number, caller number, channel)
  • KPI / user activity (Department / extension / user answer performance)
  • Exceptional calls (High cost, long duration, repeat dialling)