Tiger Consulting

Tiger Consulting has a demonstrable track record of working with Partners to build and drive profitable, sustainable vendor relationships. Helping accelerate growth and transform their business.

After 12 years building the Channel Intellect brand across Cisco and its Partner community, John Shannon joins Tiger as Commercial Director. With a brief to set up Tiger Consulting to drive further growth around existing Partner enablement modules, but also to provide Partners with an advisory capability focused upon Partner services, software and recurring offers.

“Comstor’s mentor program was key
to focus group’s strategy and
in the
early stages
of our newly founded business, 
ultimately driving more revenue for focus and cisco."
           CHRIS MORRIS - FOCUS INTEGRATION           

The Pillars
Tiger Consulting engages with Partners around the "Pillars", a series of best practice disciplines.

Partner enablement advisory

Bringing structure to vendor engagements

  • Relationship management
  • Partner profitability
  • GTM and marketing
  • Certification and specialisation


Bullding a recurring offers practice

  • Selling RO
  • Renewals and processing
  • Lock out your competitors
  • Software and services

Human capital development

Modular, campus offering

  • Solution sales training
  • Leadership team development
  • Comprehensive course schedule
  • Internal and external sales assets

Business strategy and planning

Maximise your chance of success

  • Business plan creation
  • Leadership mentoring and coaching
  • Change the conversation with vendors
  • Acquisition due diligence
Partner Health Check / Partner Audits
Based around devising an activity plan which embraces the “Pillars” disciplines

The Audit comprises a day’s input into a Partner in order to determine current engagement levels and to advise on how these can be complemented and refined in order to ensure appropriate ROI is delivered against the cost of maintaining an effective Partner relationship.

The Audit comprises of:

Pre-engagement briefing
Partner Executive Workshop
Partner Action Overview
Costed Tiger Consulting Proposal

Building Partner Relationships

Tiger Consulting help Partners develop close and more profitable relationships with vendors, 
Select you Partner below to start building your Business plan.
"The CMP has been an
integral part
of establishing our
with Cisco, and in turn a
major contributor to our success.”
           Dan Worman - CINOS INTEGRATION